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Revolutionary image quality for more safety

We have recently introduced a new 3 Dimensional X-ray machine from the Veraview series: the new Veraview X800. The winner of the IF Design Gold Award is characterized by first-class design as well as outstanding image quality. Accordingly, the 2D/3D X-ray unit Veraview X800 provides more safety for dentists and patients. The revolutionary attention to detail, an enormously high resolution of more than 2.5 LP/mm MTF and a voxel size of 80 μm are reflected not only in the images themselves but also in being able to edit them later. As a consequence, the integrated zoom reconstruction enables a subsequent calculation of an image with 80 μm.


Panorama Panorama/Cephalostat
Name Veraview X800 Veraview X800
Types F40 / R100 / F150 F40 / R100 / F150
Rating AC 220 / 230 / 240 AC voltage; 50 / 60Hz AC 220 / 230 / 240 AC voltage; 50 / 60Hz
Power Consumption 2,0 kVA 2,0 kVA
Weight Approx. 185 kg approx. 220 kg
X-ray Tube Voltage 60–100 kV (depending on exposure mode) 60–100 kV (depending on exposure mode)
X-ray Tube Current 2–10 mA (depending on exposure mode) 2–10 mA (depending on exposure mode)
Nominal Focal Spot 0.5 0.5

Extra-sharp images: The smallest details at a glance

Sharp imaging plays a key role in patient health. The sharper the image, the more accurate the diagnosis – and better-focused the treatment.
Sharp performance: Peak values of 80 μm and 2.5 LP/mm

This is where the Veraview X800 is especially impressive, with an absolutely top performance and uncompromising resolution. Voxel size for images in the Ø 40 mm × H 40 mm field of view (FOV) is a surprising 80 μm – yielding a brilliant resolution of 2.5 LP/mm. MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) is one way to objectively evaluate the linepair resolution and objectively expresses how many line-pairs and at what level of contrast can be discriminated.

With eleven fields of view (FOVs), the X-ray system provides the diagnostic confidence needed for planning a successful treatment. Following the ALARA principle (as low as reasonably achievable), you can choose the optimum FOV for your diagnostic issue. So you always have the best possible image of the region of interest – even as you minimize the radiation dose.
Field of view
(FOV) Voxel size 180º mode 360º mode Type S Type M Type L
Ø 40 × H 40 High Res 0.080 mm ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
Ø 40 × H 40
Ø 40 × H 80 0.125 mm ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
Ø 80 × H 40
Ø 80 × H 50
Ø 80 × H 80 0.125 mm ✔ – – ✔ ✔
R 100 × H 40 1
R 100 × H 50 1
R 100 × H 80 1 0.125 mm ✔ – – ✔ ✔
Ø 150 × H 50 2
Ø 150 × H 75 2
Ø 150 × H 140 3 0.320 mm – ✔

Reduced doses: Less radiation – more protection

X-ray exposure has decreased dramatically since digital imaging systems were introduced – but patient health remains a core concern. That’s why we do all we can to keep reducing dose in order to provide the greatest possible protection.
In 2D images especially, the Veraview X800 scores with many innovative features.
Smart and smaller: Collimated images

When you use the partial panoramic mode for 2D images, the focus is pared down to the essentials. The result: The region of interest is clearly visible, while the surrounding areas get a significantly lower dose.
Gentle to the little ones: Special children’s setting

The children’s setting for 2D images reduces irradiation time within the desired region. But grown-ups benefit too. Depending on how big the patient is, you can set the unit for a large, average, or small patient and thereby optimize the relationship between benefits and patient dose.
Also considered: A choice of three image layer orbits

No patient is exactly like any other – people differ not just in size but in many other ways, including the shape of the dental arch. That’s why the exposure layer for 2D images can be optimally adjusted to the patient’s dental arch. Three types of image layer orbits are available: narrow, standard, and wide.

Well selected: Partial cephalometric images
Well selected: Partial cephalometric images

For cephalometric exposures, three regions can be selected individually in order to reduce the X-ray exposure for the patient. All the same, increasing tube voltage to 100 kV still allows highquality exposures with a resolution of 96 μm.

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