3D CBCT Imaging Centre

We have recently introduced a new 3D CBCT X-ray machine from Morita, Japan.

Sharp imaging plays a key role in patient health. The sharper the image, the more accurate the diagnosis – and better-focused treatment.

Sharp performance: Peak values of 80 μm and 2.5 LP/mm

This is where the Veraview X800 is especially impressive, with an absolutely top performance and uncompromising resolution. Voxel size for images in the Ø 40 mm × H 40 mm field of view (FOV) is a surprising 80 μm – yielding a brilliant resolution of 2.5 LP/mm. MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) is one way to objectively evaluate the line pair resolution and objectively expresses how many line-pairs and at what level of contrast can be discriminated.

Patients for imaging should be referred by their Dentist / Specialist and bring along or email a referral letter and any supporting x-ray(s) or clinical data to support the need for this radiological CBCT study. This supporting clinical and x-ray data will help us to configure the best radiological study parameters that will answer the clinical questions for the referring dentist / specialist.

It is also possible, if required, to put the data on Dropbox in the cloud for access by the referring doctor.

As an Oral / Dento-Alveolar radiologist we can support our referring colleagues in getting the best information from the radiological study when it comes to interpretation. This consultative service can be achieved using Zoom or Teams IT technology and can be arranged with the referring colleague outside of clinical hours.