Cosmetic and Teeth Whitening



tooth whitening

Veneers are a course of treatment designed to cosmetically enhance the appearance of teeth. It is normally a treatment that is used on the front teeth.The treatment involves minimum preparation of the surface of the tooth.

Patients who grind or clench their teeth may not be suitable for veneers as the action of the grinding or clenching may cause the veneers to break or fail. This would be assessed during an examination and your options explained thoroughly to you.

Teeth Whitening €200 Special Autumnal 2016 Price : subject to healthy teeth and gums!*

( This special price includes Scale and Polish which may be required prior to bleaching ).



Tooth whitening is carried out under the supervision of one of our dentists. You are supplied with custom made whitening trays, that specifically fit only your teeth, your whitening material and additional conditioning materials to use during your whitening phase.


You are in control of the whitening process that can be carried out at night when you are asleep with custom fitted whitening trays .You decide on the degree of whiteness and we review your progress on a weekly basis.


This review visit is included in the treatment price.

We have research material to show the safety of the whitening agent that we use.


We use a material for one hour every night.It contains 16% Carbamide peroxide in ” pola night “that is CE marked for quality control ) that will whiten your teeth progressively and safely over a few weeks. This gentle and monitored approach has given us the required results with no damage to the teeth externally on the enamel of internally to the nerve of the tooth.


So you can rest assured that your teeth will reach the desired colour and in a very safe predictable manner.


The idea is to have you the patient in control, achieve your whitening goals in a safe and predictable manner.


Once you have the bleaching trays you can top up the bleaching treatment by buying the material from us at your checkup / review visits . Material usually cost 50 euro ( Inclusive of vat ) for four syringes.