Endodontics Dublin / Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment On Single rooted anterior/ front incisor teeth from €400


Root canal treatment involves removing damaged or dead nerves and blood vessels in the tooth root that have become infected due to decay, cracks or trauma. The space left is then filled with a material that seals the tooth and keeps it functioning as before. Re-treatment involves the removal of existing root filling material, re-cleaning the canals and placing new filling material.

Tax relief is 20%

A root canal treatment is necessary when the nerve in the tooth has died or is in the process of dying. The tooth may or may not be painful. There can be localised swelling around the tooth in question. An x-ray and vitality test would be carried out to determine for certain that the tooth requires a root canal treatment. Ideally the treatment would be carried out in one visit, but can take 2 – 3 visits. Following a root canal on a tooth, it is recommended to crown the tooth in particular if it is a premolar or molar back tooth as it becomes brittle and can fracture under normal chewing function.


Premolar teeth cost from €500 as normally a second or even third canal can be identified for cleaning when using a dental operating Zeiss Microscope.


Molar teeth cost €600 as they have multiple canal systems ( 4/5 canal systems) , more complex anatomy and require more clinical time to manage.

We provide the Nayaar amalgam core as the final closing restoration within this price but the tooth will require full coverage to avoid fracture and leakage ( Crowns normally cost €800 ) or an orthodontic band should be placed to support the tooth in function if finances and / or clinical reasons preclude the placement of a crown immediately


Tax relief at 20% from Revenue.


Finally root treated teeth are checked for complete bone healing with a check x-ray.

This service is normally part of our Dental Plan 12 offering.

If bone healing is not evident on x-ray within four years of completion then the tooth may require retreatment plus or minus surgical management. These issues would be explained in detail to the patient re success rates and prognosis.