Dental Consultation €60

Consultation with Oral Surgeon or Orthodontist. This consultation is carried out by one of our specialists – depending on your requirements, ie. Oral Surgery or Orthodontics. You will be assessed fully and all your options explained to you in detail. Further treatment can be scheduled from this appointment

Implants €2500 with Tax Relief at 20% from Revenue.

implant 1st stage


Special rates at 2500 euro for multiple units


implant abutment

implant crown

An implant can be placed to replace a missing tooth, provided there is sufficient space left to do so. The implant also needs healthy bone for it to be placed in. A large x-ray would be taken at the clinic to determine the suitability of each patient for implants. After the initial consultation, we schedule the placement appointment. This appointment is normally 1 hour depending on the number of implants being placed. After a period of 6-8 weeks, you return for impressions to be taken. 2 weeks later we will be fitting your implant crowns and restoring your dentition to a better function. For most patients, implants are an excellent option to replace missing teeth or to replace a denture, be it a partial or full denture. If you have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis by your doctor and are due to commence a treatment of drugs eg. BiPhosphonates – please ask your doctor if you can postpone this treatment until you have had a dental check-up to determine that you do not require implants. This also applies to implants anywhere in the body ie. hip replacements. The research to date shows that these type of drugs affect the healing quality in the bone and so the implants may fail.
Patients who have been placed on BiPhosphonate Therapy – treatment for osteoporosis – are NOT suitable for implants as these drugs, while they strengthen the density of bone, they reduce its’ healing ability. As such an implant would have a high risk of failing.Please consult with your dentist.