Dental Consultation €60

Consultation with our Oral Surgeon for an Occlusion examination. This consultation is carried out by one of our specialists. You will be assessed fully and all your options explained to you in detail. Further treatment can be scheduled from this appointment or if time permits, we can carry it out on the same day.

TMJ Treatment (Price depending on treatment)


temporalis muscle

TMJ (Temporo-mandibular joint) problems can occur from several contributing factors. A thorough examination would be required to determine the cause and the possible treatment. An issue with TMJ is not something that should be ignored or treated as unimportant. The problem can remain at the same level of discomfort or disfunction or can in many cases progress over time, worsening the joint and its components. Abfraction cavities or a generalised sensitivity around the teeth can also be caused by an occlusion disfunction.


There are a few options open to patients with occlusion disfunction. Some cases will achieve a better result by combining an orthodontic treatment along with an occlusion treatment. By arranging the teeth into the ideal position or a position that offers the best function possible for the dentition, the teeth that were contributing to the problem, are no longer inhibiting the lower jaw to move freely in all directions.


Another treatment option is to provide a relaxation splint or a flat plain occlusal splint that a patient wears at night while sleeping and at anytime during the day when they feel the need. This devise gives the dentition a flat plain that moves against the upper teeth. There is nothing for the upper teeth to collide with. It has a guiding ramp at the front to guide the canine/eye teeth as you move your jaw side to side and forwards. It allows the teeth at the back to seperate and so you stop grinding your teeth down, relaxes your facial muscles and takes the stress out of the joint. In many cases, this device has reduced significantly the severity of headaches that patients were having and often stopped them altogether. For others, they presented with clicking joint(s), this also can be helped by the device seperating the joints, it allows the disc to sit freely in it’s natural position without being put under emense strain and pressure from grinding or clenching.


If grinding and clenching were only done when we are in a wakened state, it would be much easier to solve as we are in control of what we do when we are awake. However, in most cases, this action is done in our sleep and we do not even realise we are doing it. Your teeth will tell the story and pattern of your behaviour. As you grind/clench you wear down the enamal on your teeth and cause stress fractures that are clearly visable. Also as mentioned earlier, you can develope abfraction cavities along the side of the teeth at the gum margin. The teeth can become very sensitive to hot, cold, sweet things. In some cases these abfraction cavities are filled without the underlying cause being addressed. Therefore your money has been wasted because these fillings will come off in the same way the enamal chipped off from your grinding.


In essence, it is critical that you are properly assessed for occlusal disfunction and all your treatment options explored with you. We are at an advantage at Leixlip Dental Center, where we have both Orthodontists and Oral Surgeons who have occlusion at the forefront of their thinking and as such will identify the issues and know together, what the best course of treatment would be for you.