Oral Surgery

Oral Surgeon Dental Consultation €60 :


An OPG Large Extra-Oral xray may be required , costs €40 or the patient may have their own xray which they should take along with them to thier first consultation with the Oral surgeon.

Consultation with our Oral Surgeon or Orthodontist. This consultation is carried out by one of our specialists – depending on your requirements, ie. Oral Surgery or Orthodontics. You will be assessed fully and all your options explained to you in detail. Further treatment can be scheduled from this appointment.


Extractions Simple Extractions €80 ~ to complex sugical extractions costing €300
These are the private fees for those patients without Health insurance.

Private Health Insured members who require wisdom tooth surgery will have to pay privately for their treatment. We return any fees that are payable for that treatment from the VHI, Layla or Hibernian Aviva directly back to the patient.


All the qualified patient has to do is to complete the claim form and we administer the matter for the patient with the insurance company.We can not guarantee that the insurance company wiill pay a fee unless that tooth is adjudicated to be impacted . The complant will not pay a fee for the Iv sedation.


An extraction occurs when a tooth has been deemed unsalvagable, ie. there is no treatment availabe to save the tooth or a preferred treatment requires the extraction. This would be dependant on the condition the tooth presents itself at the initial examination. All options would be explored and explained to you prior to making a final decision. Also patients are sometimes required to have teeth extracted as part of orthodontic treatment and this is on request from their orthodontist.

Bone Graft from €500


A bone graft is a procedure that is sometimes required during an oral surgery treatment such as implant placement. Once the treatment is commenced and the surgeon can see the bone ridge that he has to place the implant in, he may decide that a bone graft and membrane is necessary to ensure primary stability of the implant. A membrane may be placed, depending on the bone defect, to discourage the soft tissue from encroaching on the graft material before it has a chance to integrate with the natural bone and convert into bone matter. This prolongs the continuation of the implant procedure by 3 months, as it needs this healing/conversion time, before loading the implant with a permantent crown or bridge.


Bone Graft – Sinus Lift (This issue needs to be discussed with the patient as each acse is different and unique to the patient been treated).


This procedure is an oral surgery procedure that we carry out in our practice with our Oral Surgeon Mr. Andreas Clemens. There are a couple of reason that a sinus lift would be required and the decision to perform this procedure would be discussed thoroughly with you following an examination and x-rays. This may be a necessary step in placing an implant where there is insufficient bone in the upper jaw and so a sinus lift is required. Following the procedure, you can experience some localised swelling and discomfort for a couple of days. This can easily be controlled with some simple pain medication and an ice-pack. As with a bone graft, the costing would be discussed with you at the examination, depending on each individual case.

Gum Surgery Price on Request


Gum Treatment can involve anything from root plaining to extensive gum surgery. The nature of the treatment would be determined after a full intraoral examination and x-rays have been taken. The treatment plan and the relevant costings would be thoroughly explained to you.