Orthodontic Consultation €60

Consultation with Oral Surgeon or Orthodontist. This consultation is carried out by one of our specialists – depending on your requirements, ie. Oral Surgery or Orthodontics. You will be assessed fully and all your options explained to you in detail. Further treatment can be scheduled from this appointment

Braces from €2200 (Single arch)
brace action elastics

Orthodontic Treatment is carried out when the dentition of a patient is misaligned and requires correction. These reasons can be from an aesthetic and/or functional point of view. There are several options with orthodontics and each case is individual. There is usually 2-3 visits for consultation process, where study models and x-rays are taken so the orthodontist can present a treatment plan to you. The duration of the treatment and the cost is also dependant on the treatment that is decided upon. Treatment can last from 6 months to 2 years and in more intricate cases, longer. We offer various systems, damon 3, self ligating, metal & ceramic, invisalign & lingual. Not every case can be treated by any system and depending on the severity of the case, you may be limited to fixed metal braces and not be able to use invisalign, for example. The one thing to remember is that there are always options, and we will do our best to provide you with the system that best serves your situation.


Typically, our fixed upper & lower metal labial braces, for the course of your treatment ( 18-24 months approx)and the supply of a set of essix retainers when you are finished, costs €3500. There is an additional charge for using ceramic braces on the front teeth or having fixed retainers, for example. Your specific case would be explained to you in detail and the relative cost and timeframe invovled, at the time of your consultation.