Prosthodontics/Crown & Bridge

Inlay or Onlay Price on Request Costs from €650 to €800 depending on Material ( + Gold alloy cost)


Tax Relief at 20%   🙂   ( Additional 20% Discount for Dental Plan 15 members)


An Inlay or Onlay are a step between a filling and a crown. They are used where the cavity in the tooth is large and the occlusion would be better suited to either a gold or zirconia inlay/onlay. It is not a full crown but replaces part of a tooth. There is a visit to prepare the cavity, impressions are taken to sent to the lab and 2 weeks later they are fitted.

Crowns Typically €800 (per crown) (Tax Relief at 20% ) Plus (Dental Plan15 Member Discount at 20%)  😀


Our crowns are made of Zirconia and are made by master technicians in Germany. The treatment involves an initial consultation to determine the course of treatment and to ensure that the oral hygiene is good. A peparation appointment is arranged where the tooth/teeth are prepared and impressions are taken and sent to the laboratory. Together we decide on the shade of the crown(s). You are fitted with temporary crowns for a period of two weeks. Following the two week period your new crowns are fitted. This treatment outlines the process for a vital tooth. If there is a root canal treatment required, there will be an additional fee for this and also a post & core may be required with the crown at a small additional fee.

Bridge Typically €2400 for three unit bridge: ( Tax relief at 20%) Plus (Dental Plan15 member discount 20%)


bridge model

Conventional bridge work starts at €800 per unit. This is when a healthy tooth is prepared for a crown. Impressions are taken and sent to our laboratory where your Zirconia bridge is made. Depending on the number of units involved in the bridge is dependant on the final price of the work. The price of €2400 quoted above would be typical for a 3 unit bridge on vital teeth (as seen in this image).