About Us


At Leixlip Dental Centre, we pride ourselves on providing the very best preventative , conservative dentistry in a family orientated office .We also have invested heavily in technology from soft tissue lasers , dental microscopes to high tech IT with Digital Schick x-ray imaging which keeps radiation exposure to a minimum . These tools help us to deliver a better, efficient and quality dental service to our patients.

We are based in Leixlip, 25 minutes from the centre of Dublinand 10 minuted from Liffey Valley Centre , West Dublin with guaranteed parking behind the Spar supermarket 50 meters from our front door with the opportunity to buy a parking permit for 30 cents which covers you for one hour’s parking. Access to Leixlip is also very easy with regular bus and train services.

Our team consists as follows : Dr John Weever General Dentist / Oral Radiologist, Professor F. A Stassen Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dr Peter Bieleki (Special interest in Implantology) , Dr Damian O ‘Reilly (Orthodontist) and Professor Dr Bryan Jones , Orthodontic Hospital Consultant

Supporting staff include Lesley Ann and Kate, who are always happy to deal with any queries you may have.


We offer our patients services in the following dental areas; General dentistry including bleaching , Implantology, Orthodontics, Endodontics, Prosthodontics (ie. Crown and bridge ) ,Oral Surgery with Oral Sedation,Implantology ,and an Occlusion ( Grinding / clenching disease) Clinic.

The first examination is a critical meeting where the patient’s complaint is carefully noted and managed as a priority. Then we examine the tissues for the common dental diseases and check that there are no sinister diseases present .

After a diagnosis is made of any disease processes that are present , a written treatment plan is outlined with options, costings , pros and cons , success rates , etc and this plan can be posted or emailed to the patient for their further consideration. Appointments can then be scheduled to match their employment ,social and financial needs / objectives in this challanging economy.

Our principal goal for you is to have a healthy, aesthetically pleasing, functioning, painfree and disease free dentition without any discomfort while eating , chewing, talking or smiling etc

Then after your course of Dental treatment has been completed and the objective of dental fitness has been achieved ,we want to help you the patient return on a six-monthly basis for your regular check up and cleaning appointments.This can be achieved by providing you with a dental maintenance plan payable by a monthly direct debit .

The plan is designed to keep you dentally fit with two free examination and hygiene visits per year , all necessary intra-oral x-rays free if required and 20% off the standard fee for any dental work identified that needs to be completed.

Our mission professionally is to get you DENTALLY FIT and to KEEP YOU THAT WAY with minimum cost to you financially .


We hope you can join us in achieving your Oral health goals in a true Dental partnership at the Leixlip Dental Centre.


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