Radiology CBCT Referrals

We welcome new referrals from colleagues who require CBCT imaging and interpretation with reporting for their patients.

In 2018 we upgraded our Imaging systems to include a 3D capability. Imaging is vital for accurate diagnosis which we can facilitate onsite. John Weever completed his postgraduate qualification in Oral Radiology at Kings college London and currently mentors postgraduate doctors who are undertaking this qualification.

Our imaging service is also available to patients referred from other dental offices to assist colleagues in diagnosis and treatment planning.

We have installed an X800 Morita with CBCT/OPG/ Lateral Ceph capability and image data is transferred via the cloud.

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Dental & Medical Imaging Service

Procedures List

  • Dental Implants
  • Wisdom Teeth
  • Bone Grafting
  • Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Cancer Screening
  • Intra-venous Sedation
  • General Anesthetic
  • Sinus Lift

Why choose us?

Dedicated Dental Radiographer

All imaging is taken by Dr John Weever.
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In-House Oral Radiologist

Dr John Weever is an Oral Radiologist qualified from Kings College London.
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Veraview X800 Morita CBCT Technology

Sharp imaging plays a key role in patient health management. The sharper the image, the more accurate the diagnosis – and better-focused treatment.
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